Civic Hybrid Small Claims Victory

Last month we told you about Heather Peters, an angry Civic Hybrid owner who claimed Honda purposely mislead customers by stating the car gets 50mpg, a number many owners claim is a fantasy. Instead of participating in an existing class-action lawsuit with a minimal payout, Peters decided to take on Honda directly in small claims court.

Yesterday a judge ruled in her favor and awarded her $9,687 out of a possible $10,000. Maybe Honda will use the remaining $313 dollars towards fuel economy research. Or a new marketing team.

“I am absolutely thrilled,” Peters wrote in an e-mail Wednesday night. “It’s a victory for Civic Hybrid owners and consumers everywhere! Sometimes big justice comes in small packages.”

How to Sue an Auto Manufacturer (and Win)

Heather Peters is confident that others can follow her lead and sue automotive manufacturers when they make false claims or fail to fix obvious defects. She even has a website which is a helpful resource for those looking for more information:

"I want them to know they can file in Small Claims Court and that it is not so scary," Peters said.

Want to take it a step further? Ben Popken wrote a great piece outlining the steps you need to take to sue an automaker in small claims court and win,using the Peters case as an example.