What's Wrong with the 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid?

The 2014 Lincoln MKZ doesn't quite get the MPGs it promised, senses things that aren't there, and can roll away after you leave. It's not all bad though.

Ford Reimburses Owners for False Mileage Ratings

On Lincoln's website there's a page on Maximizing your Lincoln Hybrid's Gas Mileage, with suggestions such as braking smoothly, anticipating traffic, and keeping up on maintenance. Nowhere on the page does it mention that no matter what you do, you won't come close to the estimated MPGs.

In June 2014, Ford announced it had to lower the fuel economy ratings for its 2013-2014 hybrids and plug-in hybrids, including the Lincoln MLZ Hybrid. The ratings were over-inflated.

For owners who bought a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid for its gas savings over the regular ole' MKZ, Ford issued a "goodwill payment" up to $1,050.

There were some rumblings that Ford and Lincoln owners were not getting anywhere close to their promised MPGs. Perhaps that why in a 2013 press release, Ford made an "oh, by the way" mention that the company was going to make "calibration updates" designed to improve the on-road fuel economy of 2013 hybrids. Apparently the software didn't make enough improvements.

"[After the reimbursement] we noticed that even though our driving habits had not changed, nor the gasoline retailers we used, our MPG has dropped to the 32 -34 mpg range for the same kinds of driving. We began monitoring the MPG and now it is in the 28-32 mpg range. It just seems to be going down."

It Rolls Away

The MKZ Hybrid shipped with a special feature --- the ability to shift out of "Park" without pressing on the brake pedal. Amazing! Impress your friends! Actually, don't.

It Senses Things That Aren't There

"So I was driving down the freeway, no one was around me. The collision lights started flashing and the brakes were applied by themselves. Very SCARY!!!"