It shouldn't cost so much green πŸ’΅ to drive green 🌎

We want to help you avoid hybrids that are destined for the landfill.

The wrong hybrid can quickly turn your dream of going green into a nightmare where all you see is red. We want to help with that, so we've combined complaint data from actual hybrid owners with vehicle statistics provided by NHTSA. The result is a list of hybrids ranked by their overall reliability.

Least Reliable Hybrid Models (75)

Least Reliable Generations (102)

Good Luck Filling Up a 5th Generation RAV4 Hybrid

The 5th generation RAV4 hybrids have a range of 580 miles thanks to its 40mpg rating and 14.5 gallon fuel tank. One problem – you allegedly can't fill the tank up because of its latitudinal design. A new lawsuit says the best you can hope to get is around 10 gallons which cuts the vehicle's range by 180 miles.

I know hybrids are supposed to help owners use less gas, but that's a strange way to go about it.

Close-up of car with gas nozzle in the tank

Toyota Sued for Busted Brake Boosters

Over a million Toyota hybrid vehicles are at risk of developing a small leak inside their brake boosters which can significantly delay the car’s stopping power. And the worst part? Toyota knows all about it.

Toyota logo on the side of a glass building