Save the Earth & Some Cash

There are a significant amount of options for people looking to buy a hybrid these days. And that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, there’s also a significant amount of issues that pop up as manufacturers tweak and expand their hybrid options.

We Like Cars. And Fresh Air.

By collecting and organizing information about hybrids, we aim to help car owners avoid or fix the most common problem trends in hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. We also might start including pure EVs too.


So how do we do that? We’re a part of the network — a series of sites that are dedicated to car owners. We don’t sugar coat things. We don’t take paid endorsements. What we do take are complaints and data from real owners. We then take that and combine it with data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The end result is a quick summary of what’s likely to go wrong in a specific vehicle. And if we can’t dig up much, we’ll celebrate and recommend the vehicles that keep people happiest. Our name might have complaints in it, but it’s not all storm clouds and frowns around here.

Ways You Can Help

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