Secretly Save the Earth in Chrysler's Pacifica PHEV

Some people make fun of minivans, but those people most likely don't have kids. The more screaming, cheerio-spraying, booger-makers you bring into this world, the more you realize the benefits of a minivan.

If you're in the market for one, Chrysler just announced a new Pacifica PHEV that may be of interest to you.

  • This van gets 30 miles of gas-free range, even with the A/C on and the radio blasting to drown out the sound of your child screaming at you for who-knows-what-this-time.
  • Think of all the trips that you make that are under 30 miles – a grocery store run, pickup the kids from school, drop the kids off at soccer practice, back to the store for that one ingredient you forgot, etc. The point is, you can do most of your daily driving without a drop of gas.
  • There's no ugly PHEV badging anywhere on the van. That means you can drive around while secretly knowing how much better you are than everyone else.
  • The battery qualifies for a $7,500 tax credit. Although that could be a limited time offer depending on what the next administration does.
  • There's a big touchscreen in the center console, but you know what else it has? Buttons and knobs. Real controls for when you want to adjust the heat without taking off your gloves.
  • Now we just have to hope it doesn't have a hard time shifting into park like the regular ole' 2017 Pacifica.